FFP2 face mask / mouth cap – cup model – 20 pieces – Entirely CE Conform (2534)


Certified respirator (CE 2534) with a filtration efficiency of >94% (0.3 µm). Medical standard.

20 Pieces Respiratory Mask (CE Certified)

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These cup masks are currently widely used in healthcare, hospital and healthcare environments in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

This comfortable cup model has some breathing room due to its design, which of course provides extra comfort. THE nasal arch is very firm and yet flexible to adjust around the nasal bone for a very good seal. The cup also partly forms. In accordance with EU regulations, the mask has been tested by a notified body (EN 149). These tests guarantee, among other things, a high filtration value >94% and a prevention/low risk of leakage. These filter masks have a qualitative layer structure. They are produced under professional conditions with the correct (filter) materials and proportions. 20 pieces in one box. Non sterile packaging.

These respirator masks obviously serve to prevent you from ingesting harmful bacteria, viruses, dust, drops, pollen or other harmful substances. Please note, there is no such thing as a 100% protective mask. Not even this mask. Good use is, in addition to quality, the most important to prevent risks such as viruses.

  • Hold the mask away from your face and pull the strap with the nose part up.
  • The mask is manually adjustable on the bridge of the nose. This makes the mask universally suitable. Carefully place the mask over your nose and chin and press down on the nose area (flexibly).
  • Always make sure that the nose part fits snugly against your skin and around your nose.

Safety insert:

  • If the mask is soiled, moldy or wet before use, due to improper storage, do not use it.
  • Make sure you unfold the nose part properly before use and always attach it tightly to the bridge of the nose.
  • For hygiene reasons, these masks cannot be returned.