About Us

Our company is part of Avanca International B.V. and has imported large quantities of Acon Flowflex (under exemption status) in the past months and has been selling them to several Supermarket Retail Chains in the Netherlands.

Doing so, we have built the relation with Acon and are now looking to offer the products with the new CE status in entire Europe, as an official importer/ distributor.

The status is still very unique and completely new. The products are literally under first production runs. The products will land soon on EU territories in the next weeks. There is a healthy margin to make and equally important, retailers can help society with providing access to a qualitative test solution, with a large demand.

We are looking to come in contact with retailers or employers, who are interested in buying the product from us directly. Doing so we can guarantee the quick availability, the very best prices, because, as an official importer/ distributor, we are the most direct link.