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Welcome hospitality entrepreneur,

As a member of KHN, you can purchase Covid Self tests  via this website, at the discounted rate of  only 8,50 per box of 5 tests (1,70 per test).

The special discount code will be received via a mailing of KHN.  Did you miss that email? Please contact KHN directly, to receive a code  www.khn.nl/zelftest .

The government strongly advises a minimum testing rate of 2 times per week for all hospitality personnel. Daily testing lowers the chance for infections  within your company a lot more. Selftesting can also lower the chance that personnel doesnt show up, for instance for reasons of preventative quarantaining. The outcome of the self tests are actually very reliable as long as the manual is carefully followed. Always go to the GGD for a PCR test, should you have a positive self test. And always keep following the guidelines of the RIVM strictly.

No experience yet with self testing in your company? Consult the self testing toolkit, part of the government information website  www.werkgeverstesten.nl

Currently the use of self testing is growing in acceptance. Did you know that in July (2021) 7% of the total positive Corona cases has been traced by a self test. The month before, that was only just 2%. (source OMT report). A lot of users are experiencing that the use of a self test is actually very easy and start recognizing the benefits more and more. Generally, employees tend to feel a lot more comfortable, knowing that persons in the same space recently all had a negative self test.

Unfortunately, testing, tracing and isolation is the best you can currently do, to contribute to society getting control over this endemic. Of course you can also reduce the chance of an infection in your company with it. As a good employer, you have the responsibility to create a safe working environment and self tests are a critical instrument for that. Please also do make sure you ventilate your establishment, or better sanitize the air.

Please also take into account that vaccination is NOT an effective protection for Covid infections. Also (fully )vaccinated people can get infected and spread the Corona virus further. A vaccination does decrease the chances of a heavy infection a lot. Self testing is therefore vital for everyone, regardless of vaccination status.

To keep it easy for you and for the operational and logistic department of this promotion, we ask you to choose one of the three packs as below. The largest pack is one master carton, carrying 135 boxes of 5 tests. Feel free to order multiple packs at once.