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Welcome hospitality entrepreneur,

As a member of KHN, you can purchase Covid Self tests  via this website, at the discounted rate of  only 8,50 per box of 5 tests (1,70 per test).

The special discount code will be received via a mailing of KHN.  Did you miss that email? Please contact KHN directly, to receive a code  www.khn.nl/zelftest .

The government strongly advises a minimum testing rate of 2 times per week for all hospitality personnel. Daily testing lowers the chance for infections  within your company a lot more. Selftesting can also lower the chance that personnel doesnt show up, for instance for reasons of preventative quarantaining. The outcome of the self tests are actually very reliable as long as the manual is carefully followed. Always go to the GGD for a PCR test, should you have a positive self test. And always keep following the guidelines of the RIVM strictly.

No experience yet with self testing in your company? Consult the self testing toolkit, part of the government information website  www.werkgeverstesten.nl

In addition to home testing, more and more companies are using self-testing for employees. After all, it makes you feel safer if you know that colleagues with whom you work in the same room have a recent, negative result. In this way, you as an entrepreneur can create a safe working environment, reduce the risk of the virus spreading and limit the risk of staff loss due to contamination or quarantine.

Regular self-testing is highly recommended for everyone, regardless of vaccination status. Because even though the chance of a serious illness is much lower among vaccinated people, vaccinated people can also become infected and spread the coronavirus.

You can choose from the packages below. The largest option of 675 pieces (135 boxes with 5 tests) is one standard master carton. Order now and take advantage of this KHN advantage. The promotion is valid while supplies last!